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Which is to say, I had zero inspiration for pictures, and took a picture of crap piled up on my desk again. *jazz hands* The only other inspiration I had was to pay homage to the air conditioner again, which is currently running and keeping things reasonable down here. While it’s not as bad as it was during Summer v1.0, and isn’t going to last very long (so the forecasters say), it hit a point where I was so effin’ miserable I had to do something about it. Like, was so hot and exhausted that I couldn’t make eating happen. I still didn’t do that good a job of it for the lunch period, but as dinner was a takeaway biryani, I’m well stuffed. The only downside is that this place apparently includes coconut in the biryani, which means I won’t be having it again. I don’t know why coconut and I dislike each other, but we’re really not good friends.

But speaking of friends, our dear friend D is coming to visit this weekend. We’ve not seen her since I was newly pregnant with Smallhausen, so yanno, it’s been a bit. It’s sort of funny because before that, she used to randomly show up quite a bit! But life tends to take people all over the place before coming back to centre, so. And it’s not like we were out of touch during that time, just that the sort of annual events that used to happen here in our peer group stopped happening for various reasons, and that certainly put a crimp in some of the socialisation that we… well, took for granted isn’t exactly the right way to put it. But anyways, we’re looking forward to it.

And then, because we’re such party people, we’re off to see C and R the weekend after for belated 4th of July celebrations… which for us has nothing to do with America, and everything with eating lots of food with friends. Really, I guess that’s what it means to be American — finding reasons to get together with friends and eat (and drink, if one is so inclined, I guess).

Right then. I am going to go find a cold beverage, and zone out as best I can.



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