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Today, we celebrated Littler’s birthday. She had lots of fun at school, to include getting sung at. She loved her presents, and she loved the cake that I made for her. She helped, to be fair — helped lick the frosting off of the beater! Now Z is tucking two very tired little girls into bed, and I can’t but help feel that we all had a good time of it for the most part. Z’s parents came around to join us in our celebration, and I generally do love having the entire family hanging out under one roof, whether it be ours or theirs.

At the moment, I keep remembering that it’s Friday and going yay. And then I remember we have stuff to do this weekend, and while that should be fun, I’m worn out just thinking about it right now. It’s to be expected though with executive dysfunction; hopefully by the time stuff-that-needs-to-be-done comes around, I will have thought at it enough that I can convince my body to cooperate with doing the things. And if not, well… it’s in for a bumpy ride? *chuckles*

Whatever the case with the next couple of days, I am likely to melt and die. I chuckle that low 80s is deathly here as compared to the low 100s that made up my childhood… but that childhood was aided by air conditioning, and not being quite so directly pointed at the sun, lat/long-wise.

Right, I have to do my pills, so I’m off.


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