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… is not like the other. One of these things is not a pen. Randomly spotting a set of crochet hooks amongst the pens amused me way more than it probably should have. But as we were on the aisle for pens, I couldn’t resist looking. We’d popped into the store to pick up a birthday card for one of Small’s classmates (birthday party being tomorrow), and they happen to be on the same aisle. Bliss. I managed to make it out of there without buying any pens. Really, we as a family did good! We made it out with the card, and £1.60 of donuts. And yanno, got the children out of the house for a few minutes, hee hee.

Today has been for, you guessed it, gaming and knitting. I’m making good progress along the heel flap of the sock, while making less satisfactory progress in Civilization VI. I’ve actually restarted a few times because I’m not satisfied with how I’m getting my game off the ground. It’s fine though — each restart gives me a chance to apply what I learned in the previous iteration, and to try to make that work better. I’ve a bit of an addiction to making the hugest civilization possible dating back to the very first Civilization game. I’ve managed to make it work well in I, II, III, and V, but I’ve not gotten it to translate quite as meaningfully to VI. I’ve got some ideas this time around that seem to be bearing fruit, so… we’ll see. Part of the fun of such a game is figuring out one’s own optimal gaming strategy, I reckon.

As for Minecraft, I’m on a railroad building spree. pyctsi had made a comment some time back about building railroads on towers, so I’ve got some up high railroads going now. They enable me to keep building through the night, which makes it more enjoyable. Yes, I find the grind of laying railroads somewhat enjoyable, ha ha. It speaks to me of maybe finding new and exciting biomes, so.

*claps hands* Right! Time to get childlings to bed, and then watch some Dr. Who. I’m going to miss it with Peter Capaldi goes. I like him as the Doctor, and apparently my subconscious has a huge crush on him, if my dreams are any judge. xD


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