It’s Actually Happening

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I know, I know, I keep going on about how the socks are going to be the same colour, but it blows my mind for some reason. I guess that I both amaze and amuse easily? I guess also in part because I wonder if it’s going to happen again with the next skein. I suspect that I will be buying Chroma for socks for years to come (though I’m not adverse to checking out other wools either, obviously).

I managed to get what I wanted done today work-wise, so that was pleasing. I didn’t get much done beyond that, but that’s okay. I’ll hopefully hit a better flow with the return of ‘normal’ operations next week. It’s been a pretty chilled out week all told, and the girls have mainly been well-behaved. I wish I was able-bodied enough to give them a bit more, but they know that I do the best within my means (and that they are absolutely valid in being cross that they can’t get what they truly deserve, not that they are ever particularly cross at me).

The smells coming in from outside smell of freshly cut grass, and rain. It’s not rained yet here, though the weather claims there will be some tonight. I can only hope. Summer isn’t even here properly and I’m already dying from overheating when trying to sleep. Some rain would hopefully bring the temperature down a smidgen… well. I can hope at least. And I find the sound of a good storm to be very soothing, so that is a potential balm as well. As it were, I have been sleeping — it’s just getting there has been taking a bit longer. I think it might be a time of year factor though. I can’t be arsed to pick back through blog posts to see how much of my melatonin I was blasting through, so.

Ah well, time to flop out as best as possible… which probably means going upstairs 20 times to tell the girls to get to sleep. The poor dears, the heat is making it hard on them as well. But that doesn’t excuse still playing hours later when I’m trying to go to bed! *chuckles* Oh well, it’s all part of the parenting gig, right?


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