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I managed to rub a few spoons together to do a joint bath with the littlest one. She is, as far as kids go, a fairly good bathing companion, but it’s hard to wash one’s hair with someone else in the bathtub. Still, we persevered, and cleanliness and temporary coolness were achieved. So of course, a short while later I feel like I’ve melted into a puddle of goo and need another bath, because it’s just that sort of hot and humid right now. *rolls eyes slightly* It’s supposed to cool down and switch to all the rain in the next couple of days, so I gueeeess I should be glad for it while it’s around. Having said that, I’m always going to miss the air conditioned by default state of most places back in Texas!

Still, I can’t complain about the day. Littler was happily holed up in her own couch nest, which meant that I had my arms and brain free to muddle through a bit of work. I didn’t get that much done because a friend dropped by to hang out for a bit. I did a little work then too, but yanno, it wasn’t a driving priority. And really, as long as the progress is vaguely forward, I’m happy. With the heat as it is, I wasn’t expecting to get a lot done anyways, preferring instead to focus on taking it slow and calm.

And hey, of course, tomorrow is Friday! And the start of a long weekend! Woo! Granted, that’s followed by a week of both munchkins hanging off of me, but that’s fine too. They’ll probably do their usual excellent job of entertaining each other. Seriously y’all, I love my kids, and I love how much they love each other. I was worried that the age gap was going to be too much, but it seems to work whatever the case. Maybe it’ll be a bigger issue when Littler is talking better and can sass even more? Who knows. It’ll be amusing to see what happens whatever the case.

Right, I’m off. Y’all have a good day/evening/whatever time of day it might be.


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