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The last couple of days have slammed into ‘hot’ so hard that I find myself wanting ice lollies like none other. And like, where last week ice cream was divine, this week I’m past the point where I sanely want to put dairy anything in my face. A bit of chocolate and vanilla is fine over the strawberry, but alas, I don’t foresee anything out of the Cornetto stash for the next couple days, lament lament.

I broke one of the cardinal rules of the schoolyard today — I made the mistake of muttering something political and ‘outed’ one of the other parents as a pro-Brexit Tory. Whups. Not so much whups for him having other viewpoints (though I fervently disagree with both of those), but me autie-ing and forgetting basic ‘normal’ behaviour//mores. Hopefully it’ll be forgotten when I see him at the Wednesday pick-up. But ngl, hearing someone refer to the Prime Minister as ‘good old Theresa May’ in a sincere way made my spine crawl. ><

Beyond that, just been flopped out because hooooooooot. Which was fine, since today is my day off, and Littler was happily doing her own flopped out thing as well. I did manage to convince her to come around for cuddles and a nap, which was pleasant in spite of the velcro-ing together that skin does in this sort of weather. *chuckles*

Right, time to watch American Gods.


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