Executive Toddler Strikes Again

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I’m going to have to think up a new job title for her soon, seeing how she’s almost out of the toddler phase. We passed on her original title of ‘lazy assistant’ to her cousin W back in the States, one that his mother is using to good effect. I suspect that she’ll be happy to take on this title as well when the time is ripe. Having said that, maybe this is the final title? She’s going to be a full-time student in a few months… maybe ‘Slacker Intern’ for her and her sister over the summer? Hrm…

Today was a success in the ‘do nothing’ category — at least, for my crippled arse. I’ve gamed, I’ve knitted, I’ve zoned out. I even remembered to make some time to play Minecraft with Smallhause, though I told her I’d like her to try to play normal mode on her own before we reconvene. She hemmed, hawed… and put her baby sister on the computer instead. Sigh? Definitely sigh. But that’s fine too. I know that her default anxiety level is really high like mine, and she has a default panic about trying to deal with monsters and lava on her own. I’m not adverse to having her sit with me so I can give her pointers, but it just gets wearying when she wants me to tell her everything that we’re doing. Still, she is mainly a creative player like her father, while I like to explore and dig crap up. We’ll figure something out.

For now, more of that good zoning out shtuffs.


3 thoughts on “Executive Toddler Strikes Again

      1. Raeyn Post author

        Hee! Yeah, I have asked her previously to do some cave exploring in peaceful to get experience. I should probably remind her of that first. I just find it dead boring without a little risk!


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