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Eurovision time, just about! Smallhausen and I went to the train station to pick up our friend Jezebelle. I was oddly nervous about making the trip as I had never driven that way on my own, but it was fine. I had a laugh ’cause I second-guessed which way I was going and went the wrong way at one point, but we still got there on time. Poki and Doris are here, and now we’re all digesting dinner and chatting, which is win. Cake will be occurring momentarily, which will be the moment of truth. A part of me is really worried I messed something up with the cake itself, enough that I almost cut off a piece earlier today to see if I needed to create a substitute cake. We’ll see what the girls have to say.

Beyond that, I’m picking back my knitting. I started on the heel of the first sock and got a little too enthusiastic and neglected to notice that the heel was a four-row pattern. Whups. At least I didn’t get too too far into it before realising it was wrong.

Right, party time!



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