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I got up to go cuddle the girls on the couch earlier, and their response was to run over and claim my chair. Hrmph. Good thing they’re cute, right? *chuckles* And really, I didn’t mind, seeing how it was all a chance for more cuddles and tickles and playing!

Today has been a brilliantly do-little day. I’ve done a tiny bit of knitting, a fair bit of gaming, and a lot of zoning out. I thought about trying to get a post up on The Scarlet B explaining that I was alive but tired, but decided I was too tired to deal with it. Some other time perhaps. I keep meaning to, if only because of the importance of letting the other Bipolaratti that one is alive and ‘well’, but like… *waves hands* I’m here at least?

I am happy though. Outside of one niggling annoyance on the outskirts of my life, things are good. The kids are growing and thriving, Z and I are still goofy in love with each other, and this first decade of my time here has flown. Yup, my 10th move-a-versary is at the end of the month. It’s been a quick one, with lots of growing up and growing old and all that sappy stuff. It’s happiness backed by gratitude of how lucky I am to have such a good life and good circumstances and all of that. Sure, I can always wish for more, like my health magically kicking chronic fatigue in the taco, but as I know that’s not likely to happen, I content myself with doing the best i can with what I have.

Right, I’m off. Knitting calls.


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