Spring Cleaning

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In keeping with our behind the times family, we’ve only felt the sudden need to do anything akin to ‘spring cleaning’ this weekend. Yanno, with just over a month to go until Summer starts officially, ha ha. Having said that, it hasn’t been nitpicking and dusting, but rather just trying to fight the tide of entropy.  It started with getting the children to pick up the living room floor, and ended up with a lot more. I used it as a spur to get some organisation and tidying done in my space. As you can see, I managed to turn the desk around into something more desk-like. The ‘before’ (top) picture is misleading because it was a looooot worse before I took it.

I also reorganised a cupboard that has been nagging at me for ages. I wanted to bring my nail stuff down, so that’s in there along with the stitch marker-making materials, and my knitting magazines.It feels good to be properly utilising the space, rather than having random crap crammed in there. Having said that, some of the ‘random crap’ is now taking up precious couch real estate waiting to be sorted. I found a bag with stuff I needed sewn up 80 pounds ago which can go right in the bin, ha ha.

But really, on the whole, it felt like we made some good progress on things that needed doing. There’s still a lot more that needs to be doing and should’ve been done years ago, but eh. We’re ‘real’ people who are tired and aging disgracefully, so as long as nothing is on fire, right? The important stuff gets done at least. If a couple of rooms look like something out of a storage nightmare… well, everyone has a room like that.

For now, I have a basket of socks that I need to attend to. *jazz hands*


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