Doing Nothing Quite Well

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Today has been a do as little as possible day. In Z’s case, he’s managed to tweak and pull all the things, so existing isn’t fun for him right now. And me, I just wanted to zone out and ignore people. So of course, Smallhausen wanted to show me how they do math at school, and play Minecraft with me, and. The former I got a bit cranky about, and the latter I conceded to in a small dose. I told her we can do it again tomorrow. I sort of hope that she forgets because I like to play a few minutes at a time here and there, where she wants to play for a glut. If she does, she does — I can’t begrudge her wanting to play with me.

And really, that’s all I’ve done today. I’ve poked at video games, and knitting like, -a- row. It’s lovely and it’s wonderful and I will be glad to have the project done, but apparently I needed gaming more than knitting. No worries, yanno? It’s all taking care of myself by doing things that I enjoy.

Back to that now.


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