Cheerfully Exhausted

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I am exhausted, and in a great mood; I figured that the subject line probably portrays that as intended, ha ha. It’s been a busy week, what with having to do the full three day school run (going up to every day next term, eek!), work, socialising, and all of that. It’s fine though — it’s been a good week. Last night was a great cap-off to it. There were only a few people at knitting last night, but it was a solidly good time. It was such a good cap to the week that I woke up this morning confused because I thought it had to be Saturday, ha ha. That’s fine though, really — it IS a three-day weekend. Even if my brain was trying to get an early start on it, it’s still here and waiting, hee hee.

But really, the ‘new normal’ isn’t so bad. But then, every day is technically a new normal. I’m glad that Littler is liking school though. I’m glad that I am enjoying our little walk home. I was worried that it was going to be tedious and hard on my inattentive brain, but instead it’s sweet. I’m enjoying having the quiet time in the morning, even if I use it up doing writing and work, but it’s great to have her back with me.

What else, what else… alpaca is awesome and I think I’m in love with it as a knitting material. I’ve only done a few inches of Pussyhat v3.0, but I keep stopping to rub it on my face. The pens and the story cubes are me telling myself to get off my arse and make a story happen to write with my bestie//Warder. I’ve been trying to get something, *anything* out of my head for weeks now and it’s not really been working out. She knows I’m busy though and that I’m trying to make a spoon happen for it, so. I’m hoping that once I crack my head and get one story fragment out that we can manage to make some magic happen.

*gets back to zoning out*



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