Don’t Die, My Darling

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My beloved laptop has been increasingly angry at me lately. It’s overheating ten ways to Sunday. It started with my graphics card — fair enough. It probably could use a replacement and/or new thermal paste. I use my computers hard and the GPU seems to feel it in this particular computer. And then? The CPU cores started going nuclear. I cannot even. I keep the poor thing clean and tidy, so I don’t know what it’s found to get pissed about. Once again, I’m hoping a bit of thermal paste will see it aright. Z is going to pop into the repair shop in town and get a quote for repairs, so fingers crossed for me that it’s as easily sorted as I think it is, and it’s not a dying motherboard or something ridiculous like that. This computer is only a bit over 3 years old, and I specced it out when I bought it to last me some time. It’s not an off the shelf job like my last one — this is a custom do. *hugs it gently*

It was supposed to snow tonight. It was supposed to be snowing right now. So what is it doing? Pissing down rain, naturally. I keep peeking out windows and checking the UK Snow Map, but it seems that it circled south of us. Sigh? Totally sigh. The various forecasters are still claiming there might be some snow later tonight, or tomorrow morning, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

Past that, gaming, knitting, and keeping my head down from the world at large. Politics here and in the US are enough to make me want to dig a nuclear bunker and get nested in for the next 4-20 years. I’d have to rob a few yarn stores to make sure that I could keep myself busy and us dressed, buuuuuuut. *chuckles* I don’t know, maybe I should just adopt Apathy & Popcorn as a mantra and hone my gallows humour even further. Naw, like. I’m always going to care. I just feel limited in what I can do by my health, so.

Righto then. I’m going to sign off here, and try to gently see if I can provoke the laptop into anger-not-anger. Or maybe I’ll ignore it and play a game on my desktop instead. *shrugs* Later!


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