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One thing that is great about ordering a curry is that we have to order two night’s worth to actually get anyone to deliver to us out here in the ‘boonies’. I ate well here on day two, probably a bit more than I should have. But that doesn’t explain why I’ve been slammed by a huge wave of dizzy. I’m tucking into water at probably too fast a pace, but I’m mainly contemplating whether or not going and eating something sugary to see if it helps set things straight. Meh. Bodies. Aging and failing, and me getting teased about it by my beloved mother-in-law ’cause I am the baby of the family out here. Z just chuckles at me grumbling about pains ’cause I gave him shit about the same thing when he was my age, so yanno, thanks love for being gentler on me than I was on you. I don’t deserve the kindness, ha ha.

For the most part though, just been doing my best to zone out from the world. I’ve done my Craft the World-ing, Pokémon-ing, and a bit of knitting too. I guess I’ll be doing that until I risk going to bed. I say risk ’cause I laid down for a moment when getting Smallhausen to bed, and my head started spinning worse. Sigh. Cross your fingers for me I can get this sorted asap.


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