*Throws Confetti*

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I ended up working a lot longer today than I thought I was going to be working, but I am in really freaking, caught up to where I want to be caught up shape. I’m still going to have to put in a few hours next week and the week after in preparation for how slammed we get in January. It was also nice to be able to reassure the main co-worker that I coordinate with that we’re going to be in good shape for that, so yanno. Woo. *throws confetti*

I’m also relieved that I’m not in particular pain today. I avoided knitting last night because I figured that I was in such pain from the night before. I don’t know whether that was true, but it seemed to do the trick. I’ve done a few rows today and hope to make some more progress, but we’ll see.


What’s With the Picture?

As for today’s picture… that was my mail, hee hee. I ordered some organza bags because I wanted some for random small gifting efforts. For example, giving out some of the stitch markers I just made. Bev loved hers; she admitted she’d been using random bits for markers and that they will come in handy on her current project. I’m glad that I could share and make her crafting easier.



Myself and my youngest sister, Easter 2002

Past that, I’ve spent the week in a bit of a warm and fuzzy nostalgia haze. Someone made a Facebook group for DLI and Goodfellow alums in a certain year block, and it’s been a hoot sharing memories and stories, and in the case of one extremely famous + infamous Airman, confirmation on the stories themselves. It’s been nice to see that some people you might not have thought of in ages are still out there and doing well, or in some cases (not for me yet, thank fark) who has passed on. Even if my military time is way, way, waaay behind me, that period of my life was formative and interesting. And it’s good times to look at the pictures when we were all young and fit, and oh so stupid. So stupid. *chuckles*

Anyways, after spending waaaay too long trying to find that last picture, I’m off back to Pokémon and knitting.



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