Let There Be Cake (and Chairs)

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img_20161019_170307226We as a family went to the grocery store the other day. We do that sometimes on a weekend to spend too much money on assorted junk, but also just to get out of the house and do *something*. While we were there, I picked up a cake mix. I’d not baked anything in a really long time and I was feeling like I needed to rectify that. I had to sit in a chair a bit to keep from flopping over, but like… thanks, chronic fatigue and head cold and whatnot. But I did it!

Chair goes here now! (for now)

Chair goes here now! (for now)

And man, so like. I’m a good baker, but this cake was taking the piss. I was helping Z move some furniture around. His dresser has been down here since we moved i over two years ago, and this was us finally getting it upstairs. We decided that, for now, we were going to put one of the armchairs the previous owner left behind so that Z’s mum had a place to sit. That she doesn’t have a dedicated, comfortable seat means she doesn’t come around as often as I’d like her to (and, probably, she’d like to come more too).

But anyways, the tl;dr on that is that I was sitting here at 3:53pm, and I looked at the clock. ‘Holy fuck my cake!’ I screamed, running for the kitchen. It was supposed to be done between 3:23 and 3:28, so like… that was a tiny bit late. Amazingly, the cake was freaking perfect. Like, golden without a hint of burn. I have no idea how I managed that, but everyone at Stitch ‘n Bitch had rave reviews. The frosting was handmade because honestly, why would you ever buy pre-made frosting. I thought otherwise before I moved here. I didn’t even follow a recipe — I threw crap into my mixer until it looked and tasted right. And, to my vast amusement, not following a recipe meant that I actually came out with the perfect amount of frosting rather than the way too much I normally end up with.

And now, circling back around to furniture. There’s a tl;dr to that as well — I think Mum has in mind to buy us another couch. They bought us our other one as a Christmas present, and I’m honestly excited to be getting another one along the radiator. It cuts into my walking around space, but it’s worth it to have a place where friends hanging out with me can sit. But like, we’re talking a fancy-ass couch. In leather. I mean like, I’m grateful for it being our Christmas-birthday present and then some, but daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang. I think the current plan is to go into Hatters in town and butt-test things this weekend. More on that then, I guess.

For now, I’m up too late and like, feeling a bit off and weird. E and I agreed that SnB tonight was hard. That’s not the best word exactly, but it’s close enough. I was in a semi-argument with one of the Ns about the distribution of K’s wool. She basically wanted me to bring it all in and let people take all if it away, and double so for her for her other charity group. When I made it clear that I didn’t want to do that, she was like ‘But K said it was for everyone’. I’m just like, really. *really*. I told her I’d bring -a- bag with me next week for her to take from for her assorted things, but like. Rawr.

Anyways, yes, should drag myself to bed. I’m getting too wordy and flaily.


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