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Free food!

Free food!

I return in one piece from our second Pins & Needles session. Last time wasn’t a fluke — this was also an enjoyable time. I spent most of it yawning, because apparently I relax when I’m out and that means almost falling asleep on myself. Whups. I had three pints of Coke though, so that sort of helps me fight my way upstream long enough to get home.

Whatever could it be? *whistles*

Whatever could it be? *whistles*

Now, I was a good girl. I printed out the list of wool that I had brought home and took it with me. I didn’t manage to flog any of it onwards. I will try again on Wednesday, but like, seriously. The only request I got was to keep an eye out for things I think would be good for doll faces. So I will have to pick through and see if I can find something or somethings for E.

img_20161013_204222021There was more wool there too, which I would have loved to have snaffled. It was more Bergere de France, but super-super chunky for 20mm wool (aka, exactly what I want). K chided me and said she would prefer that the other people get a chance to snatch it, so I behaved and made sure people were aware of it. Sure enough, it got snaffled, because it was really, really, really nice wool/yarn. Heck, there was almost a fight over it (or ‘fight’ — we’re good-spirited people). I look forward to seeing what people make of it. I also look forward to maybe buying some of my own to make a nice super-super chunky blanket on my 20mm needles. We’ll see!

Oh yes, there was one more picture I wanted to share, but it’s a teense NSFW, so I’m just going to link to it. N was almost blushing (a rarity for her) when she saw how it came out. I gave her a big hug and told her that she was beautiful, because really, it’s a thing of comedic brilliance. And beauty. And knitted penis.


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