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My attempts at clever are currently failing, so have a picture of my water pitcher

My attempts at clever are currently failing, so have a picture of my water pitcher

My brain is an exhausted wreck right now. I found out earlier that a dear friend was hospitalised, and the sources of information on it were really sketchy and made me believe that it had not been of her own choice. I wasn’t the only one; a lot of her community is online and none of us had gotten it from anyone reliable. Thankfully, the one person I would trust outside of the person herself got in contact and confirmed some information, which we then disseminated to the internet folk. Bonus: I’ve apparently picked up a few more of her people as friends on Facebook. She is weirdly enough my #1 source of new-to-me friends, and they tend to integrate well. I also gained a block from the ‘friend’ of my friend who was telling people with permission and blessing, which was sort of hilarious ’cause I’ve never talked to her, and I didn’t even talk about her. But never mind, I don’t give a fuck. I know my friend is okay, and that’s about all I need to have sorted out in my brain for the moment.

Ah well, at least Z returns. He’s had meetings the past two nights, so that means kiddo juggling. Not that I mind — I love the kids. I did have to point out to Smallhausen, our Queen of FOMO, that she needed to proper try to go to sleep or else I would have to consider taking her privileges away. That got her to scurry on up and stay there. It’s not like she’s missed anything outside of Littlerbit trying to climb all over me while I tried to talk to friends.

Blah. Brains.


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