I Feel Like I’m Forgetting Something…

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noideaBut I don’t know what. I’ve been sitting here trying to figure it out for a couple of hours now, but nothing is forthcoming. Thanks brain, you’re a real pal. :p

I did find out one thing — my attempts to get that Twitter account verified were shot down. It’s fine, I was expecting that. I’m seriously quite fine with the result, seeing how I did it just to make myself try something that would likely end up in rejection. I think that most people have some discomfort with being rejected, and I admit that I’m one of them. But I like to think that by trying to fail, I’m doing myself a favour… and more so if I fail. The last time I set myself up to fail in a big way was NaNoWriMo a few years ago, and I resoundingly won, two out of two attempts in the bag. Whups. Awesome that I wrote another crappy novel that sits proudly on my shelf, but still, whups.

Ah well, at least we made it through the week. The weather today was much cooler and wetter, so I am hoping that the back of summer is broken, and we can begin the descent into autumn and winter. I vastly prefer being cold and being able to bundle up to being warm and humid and miserable. Looking at the ten day forecast, it’s supposed to be cooler and wet, which yanno, sounds good to me.

Right, back to half-assedly knitting, and taking on the Pokémon League. I’m finding the Sinnoh League super-hard. I’m probably going to make it through on my first attempt (seeing how I’ve got a Pokémon and a half left before completion), but still. Definitely hard work. It’ll be worth it though to be able to find more of the Pokémons! I’m honestly surprised that I’m not completely bored of it already, but there you go. It just sort of exemplifies why my addiction continues to persist 20 years onward.



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