Because Why Not

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eotbTonight’s featured image comes to you compliments of me having the saying stuck in my head because playing Craft the World and seeing lots of Beholders. So yanno, lulz. I slay myself, and so forth.

But really, it’s been a really chill day. I think everyone actually got a little bit of relaxation on, which is excellent. I’ve made some progress on my knitting, but not as much as I want to have. I doubt I’ll crank out another four rows before bedtime, but we’ll see. I’ve had to take it a little slower than I like because I woke up with my back complaining. Nothing to make you feel your increasing age like waking up with a stiff back from knitting, ha ha. But it was okay — I’m still young enough I can throw some paracetamol (Tylenol) at it and knock the worst of it out.

The weather was blessedly cold today. I’ve spent the day mainly curled up in my bathrobe, which is my preferred state of being. I might actually have to turn my fan down, ha ha.

Yeah, words keep escaping from me ’cause like… trying to catch Legendary Pokémon and zoning out in general. Zoning out is gooood.


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