It’s the Opposite of Ridiculous…

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img_20160910_122143678According to the online thesaurus, antonyms of ridiculous include ‘credible’ and ‘reasonable’. The fact that I am the owner of this huge stack of wool is totally one of those over ridiculous. What’s ridiculous is that I got the lot, 32 balls of wool, and a set of 20mm needles, for £30.77. Aaaand that was with Z’s blessing; he was there with me and everything. *giggles* I’m glad he was and told him so. As master of the family’s finances, knowing what I’m okay to spend means I actually do spend a bit. I’d considered going by myself, but I’m not sure I would have bought anything. If I had, I probably would have felt really guilty about it. I’m good at feeling guilty about fuelling my knitting addiction for some reason. I don’t know why, since I turn most of it into really freaking productive and nice things, but anyways. The plan is probably to make matching family sweaters, because we are totally that family. Might as well enjoy it while the kids are too young to be annoyed by it!

Beyond that, mainly relieved that Z got us out into town and back at a fairly good nick. I’m feeling kind of woozy again, so like… sitting still and not moving is a Good Thing™®. My left ear still feels kind of jacked up, which is probably a sign that I should’ve sucked it up weeks ago and had that looked at. I still have myself convinced that it’s going to pass on its own. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow, etc.

I know I know, putting it off again, but. *shrugs* I’m used to waiting things out. Like for example, last night I was feeling a bit depressed and anxious. I’ve been dealing with survivor’s guilt because of the suicides amongst the Bipolaratti lately,and then feeling guilty for feeling guilty. My response to it was to request hugs (granted!), and to sleep on it. I’m feeling better today… not 100% over it, but better.



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