It Was Grayer in Person…

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But then, that could have been because my glasses were covered in a fine spray. It wasn’t raining per se, but the wind was super-gusty, and it had water in it. I was amused when I took the picture and looked at it properly, ’cause seriously, the wet on my glasses meant that it looked loads darker.

At this exact moment, I’m tired and grumpy and trying to not stress out about winding down to sleep. I know that it’s holiday and that bedtimes can be stretched… but that doesn’t change the fact that mine can’t, not by much if I want to stay sane and healthy. 20 minutes to go until my (soft) bedtime, though I do stretch that sometimes by upwards of 20-30 minutes. I’m hoping that will do me well enough to get to bed tonight. I took my meds at the right time when we were out, so. I’m just like *waves hands* trying to not get myself wound up and flustered. It’s a trait I hold less than dear in myself and others.

The day was pretty good though, all told. Yeah, it was wet, and we sort of floundered to find something to do, but we ended up at the Isle of Wight zoo for a spot of lunch. And thankfully, it cleared up enough that doing the zoo itself was possible. I’m ambivalent on zoos myself, but this one seemed to have a good focus on conservation, and all the animals looked healthy and well looked after. Obvs, I didn’t think the tigers or lions properly had enough space, but otherwise.

Then we took a few hours at home, and then down to the arcade and back before dinner. Naw, we didn’t win anything today in any of our trips, alas. Dinner was Chinese takeaway and very very good. And then after dinner walksies + ice cream was nice too, outside of my complaint that we stayed out too late. But there I go again, being a bit whiny. At least it’s better to get it out of my system in this space rather than inflicting it on my meatspace-space (though I have made public declarations that we need to make sure to not be out that late again if possible).

Anyways, there’s some words. I’m going to go zone out now.


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