‘Tis a Lovely Day by the Seaside…

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And by ‘lovely’, of course, I mean ‘pissing it down with rain’. Because yanno, British and appreciate irony!

IMG_20160801_200103480Having said that, we knew there was supposed to be *some* rain this trip… but like, tomorrow. Instead, we’ve had a wet today, are forecast for a wet tomorrow, and apparently can expect like, an entire month’s of rain across it. IMG_20160801_203443623Oh well. We’ve still managed to get out of the house a few times. This evening saw us at the Arcade for the nth time in less than 32 hours. But that’s okay, because apparently all any of us wanted to do was play the claw machines together. We ended up leaving with a Mooshroom, and a plush R2-D2. Z, Smallhausen, and I rotated taking a turn at the claw, while Littlerbit had a grand time putting the money in for us.

But of course, an evening outing to the claw machines in the rain wasn’t the entirety of the day. It started out nice and sedate with nothing more than a short walk in mind. That ended up being a longer one with ice cream once we hooked up with my in-laws, but that was fine too. I’m enjoying spending time with them, even if it’s just walking around.

After that, Z needed to get to the store to pick up a few bits, so he took Smallhausen with him. I got Littler down for her nap, and enjoyed the quiet. I’m doing a lot of enjoying the quiet; it’s a relatively new-found ability for me, built on the back of cutting unhealthy relationships out of my life and getting my bipolar in order. I might even be, stars be bold, actually relaxing for the first time in my life properly. I am becoming one with this couch, ha ha.

Anyways, we sorted out dinner plans for later, and chilled out. Smalls came running through because another one of her teeth was a bit wobbly. A little bit later, she ran through excited because it had come out. The ‘tooth faerie’ has decided that she is going to get a holiday bonus, because why not. She’s writing her note to the tooth faerie right now, so. Excitement, etc. I think we all felt like we’d made some sort of huge achievement as a unit at her losing a tooth, when yanno, that’s just nature doing its thing. *chuckles*

Anyhoos, this is all sorts of out of order, and I am tired and melting into the couch, so I’m going to go do that//enjoy the sounds of an entire month’s worth of rain coming down across 24 or so hours.


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