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My Pokémon Go addiction means that I am doing some pretty out-of-character things. For example, walking miles in a day and not thinking anything of it; I’ve easily done over four miles today, which would amaze the ever-living fuck out of the me of two weeks ago. I also, le gasp, got myself up and ready to leave the house relatively early (for normal people; might as well have been five am for me). I almost didn’t make it because I was in a lot of pain out of freaking nowhere, but providence worked in my favour and I managed to get it taken care of before it would have been too late.

It was, thankfully, cooler today than yesterday, so wondering around wasn’t completely miserable. We got some work done while waiting for the car to be taken care of, we treated ourselves to frappés from the shop we like in that town, and got chatting with other Pokémon Go players as everyone was battling cheerfully against each other to take the same gym. It was also a nice rest, because even if I *am* clocking up the miles, I still need fairly frequent rest to keep myself from injuring myself. While we were enjoying our drink, we received the call that our car was ready for pick-up. We started heading that way, when Z reminded me that I had wanted to stop and try to find some needed wardrobe. We started heading towards Next, when we realised that there was a Yours. I love Yours; it’s a great store. I walked in and immediately spotted my secondary desire — long-line camis and tank tops. At 2 for £10, I made off with six, because really, I wear a tank or a cami every single day, and having more that go over my chub is grand.

My primary desire was, if the picture didn’t give it away, to get some new bras. I’d replenished my stock last year from decent shops and they all sort of self-shredded. The one that has been holding up best was one I paid like, £3 for from Primark of all places. I left with four new ones, which is like… I could weep, ha ha. I’m sick of trying to sew underwires back in. Plus, I’ve chubbed up a bit more since last year, so getting some new ones with a wider band size is a Good Thing™®.

So yeah, there’s the walking and shopping. The flopping eventually happened at home, but for not super long a time either. I didn’t have much luck with Pokéstops when we were out walking, so I wandered down to the river to knit for a bit. Turns out the 4G is really good there, hence probably why I’ve been having a good time getting the stop when I’m around it. It also put me between two gyms who were both representing for Team Mystic, so on a whim I wandered down to the one I’d not visited before to try and get one of my Pokémon in, only to find someone beat me to it. Bu the helped me level the gym enough for me to get in as well, so that was neat. Then we wandered to the next gym together and helped take it… not that either held, but that’s okay. It was fun, and yanno, le gasp, talking to strangers.

Anyways, that’ll do me. I’m not really interested in dealing with the world today, so I’m going to continue being ‘selfish’ and enjoying my day.


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