Deferred Ache

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When we buried Batman, the ground was very muddy and I got it all over my boots. I then abandoned my boots in the kitchen until today. Heh. I love my boots, but my brain couldn’t deal with them. And even with them clean and drying finally (yanno, a year and a half later), my heart aches a bit in missing Batman. Grief doesn’t have an expiry date, alas, and he was the very best boy.

((obvs, love our three boys to tiny tiny bits, but Batman had the benefit of being the first))

Past that, not a lot. Doing a bit towards the Artisans Cooperative July challenge, poking at my blanket a bit. Mainly a lot of Project Hospital, because I’m really close to finishing all the challenges in Sandbox mode. Then… not sure what I’ll go play. Something!


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