No Comments on Perfection

The cats, being cats, managed to put a big hole in the net curtain at the front of the lounge. Z and I were like… should we replace it, or accept that a new curtain would get the same treatment? So we decided yeah, we’ll have a holey curtain. Bonus — driving back past the house, we spotted Raven in the hole. We both just started laughing, because it was pretty hilarious. They can have their hole, and hopefully people going past can have a chuckle.

Past that, doing bracelet science. I’m having to grudgingly accept that magnet clasps, while convenient, aren’t going to be the right choice for the beaded bracelets. The bracelets themselves are delicate, and me being me, I manage to whack the magnet apart easily. It’s not as bad when I’m on the desk, but I’m guessing that if I did the level of dropping I accidentally did yesterday, we’d have a similar result.

Anyways, off to sort some beads.


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