Nap Stealth -1

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I’m not completely sure how the cats’ tunnel ended up in my bedroom. I don’t know why I toss it on my bed every morning. Well. I guess I sort of do — assorted cats like to nap in it. There’s a little hole midway along the tunnel, and various bits of Vivi were sticking out over the day. I prodded him and a head flopped out, so I got a ‘Mom stop’ picture out of him.

Not been up to a lot a lot. I needed to restock the freebie crochet hearts for my shop, so I did a few of those. The last one is sitting on the printer with an order going out to Australia on Monday. I need to drill some more things, but decided to wait until tomorrow early-ish. Maybe. I don’t know. I’ve started to get a little over the top self-conscious about being ‘loud’ for some reason. Brains are dumb, etc.


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