Baby Wyrm

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I had to pin down all the cats yesterday to give them medication. The big boys are pretty resigned about the whole process now, which is great. October is very very gashingly unhappy about it, and Halo… isn’t pleased, but he doesn’t try to murder me. Having said that, all cats love being wrapped up in the towel after the fact. Halo looks especially chill here… maybe a dash of murder, but mainly chill.

Today I have managed to do a few bits, which was pleasing. I chased up two medical things. I tended to the fur children. I got some work done. I even remembered to eat a thing at lunchtime. That last one is really, really effin’ hard, heh. We try to make it easier by putting stuff in the house that I can eat without thinking about it too much, but still. Spoons.

Anyhoos. Gonna go do the fun things now. Laters!


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