Sick Day

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I woke up feeling a bit spinny, so slapped snooze. A few snoozes later, I just turned it off and went back to sleep. I got Z to bring me water and some meds in the early afternoon, and managed to get out of bed around 4pm. I am still feeling awful, but I’ve had food, more pain meds, and caffeine, so I’m able to sit here and do very basic things. No No Man’s Sky; I can’t see playing that to be a good idea with my head in such a state.

I had multiple little spoons today, as pictured. Unexpected, but nice. I don’t know if it was part protest of me being in their preferred napping space, but I wasn’t going to turn it down. That’s Vivi and October there, and Halo was reputedly down near my feet. I told Raven he was a douche for not being in the pile, but I also appreciate that he came to see me and say hi the second I managed to make it to my chair. He’s a good boy too; I probably would not have done well with four cats on me at the same time, ha ha.

For now, I’ve got food in me. I’m getting a bit of caffeine in me. More water, more pain meds, and of course, my night meds. I fully expect to crawl up earlier than not, and that hopefully I won’t be dealing with more of this crap tomorrow. Fingers crossed, eh?


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