Birthday Teefs

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Had my third and final check before the new denture is made, and it will be ready around my birthday! Woo, birthday teefs! I made a comment to that effect while at the dentist, but I’m guessing thec oncept of getting teeth as a birthday present might be a bit… dark? Maudlin? I don’t know, I’m personally thrilled. *laughs*

I’m also thrilled that I managed to get a fair amount of work done. I sort of wonder if we should have already put ourselves on holiday, but also, I’ve got a bit of the fire in me this week to get caught up. I’ve got a good chance of it I think, though we’ll see what comes. It’s not as vital as it used to be for me to be fully caught up before the start of the new year, but it still feels nice to hit it with stuff in good nick.

Right, back to gaming, and stealth knitting. Between kids and cats, I’m not having a lot of time to work on that hidden project (kids spending more time than usual in here, and cats apparently okay stealing acrylic yarn as well as wool yarn ¬¬).


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