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Z and I finally managed to find a place that had the Covid booster, so we had a nice little drive through wintry pastoral loveliness; it’s definitely one of the nice things about living in a rural village. Plus, it had been long enough that the roads and the like were mainly clear, outside of our own, which was still mainly a skating rink. Ah well, another day or two should hopefully see the worst of it fade away. For now.

We also had a discussion about Christmas… lots of those right now for some reason, hrmmmm. Basically, Mum is giving us money this year since we don’t need to be rescued with a new couch or oven or the like. I’ve already spent some of it, because I caaaan. *laughs* Which is to say, I’ve got all the missing threads ordered (minus one that appears to not exist? Confused?). I also treated myself to some WYS sock yarn because it was on sale, and because I could. I also got more 20-count ordered from Florashell, because her prices are great for the amounts I need. So yes, excite! I’m also thinking I’m going to treat myself to a Switch Lite, but that’s not a rush in face-first purchase. I’ll look to see what special editions there are, if any of those tempt, or whether I go for a Warehouse deal.



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