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I got trapped in bed by both cats this morning; Z had to come up and lure Vivi off so I could escape. I mean yeah, I could have moved them, but who would do such a mad thing?! *laughs*

Z got the tree up and the kids slapped some decorations up. I’ve had to sacrifice my back table, but it really is the best place this year (the spot we used last year has a well-used cat tree in situ now). Of course, Viv already seems to think that the Christmas tree is a toy for him to gnaw on… we’ll work on it. We knew this year would be a risk, since the boys are ‘proper’ cats.

That’s about it. I’m doing the inventory on my stitch markers, since I didn’t do that with the rest of stuff. We’ve got the England match on, so yanno, come on England, etc.


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