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What I really wanted was a rainbow dress. Weirdly, couldn’t find anything good; I took for granted such a thing would exist year round. But I found a neat skirt, so at least I’ve got that for stall tiems. Do I neeeed rainbows? No. But they make me feel proper when I’m out doing the thing. Now, here’s hoping enough parents volunteer to assist at the thing, ’cause I am going to be crushed if it gets cancelled.

In general though, I’m hopeful about the stall thing. I’m hoping that it leads to doing more — not in the least because I had to order a new card reader. Apparently the one I bought from Paypal and barely got to use has been since made obsolete, which, rude. Square readers seem to stay more or less the same though, so moving my custom there. Plus, the reader doesn’t cost too much, so. But yeah, get me out of the house, yanno? I could definitely stand a bit more of that, and as I get my Covid booster this week…

What else… processed some of the things that were in my craft queue, so that’s good. There’s other stuff I can do, but *gestures vaguely*. Tired today, yanno? Maybe I’ll get started on a seed bead bracelet, since the loom has been threaded and in my line of sight for a few days now. We’ll see.


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