Couch Crashers

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Today marks the first day we’ve had two cats on the back of the couch since Poison was alive. Which, I know, wasn’t that long ago technically, but it feels like ages. It’s sweet to see them back there in a pile. Well. It’s sweet to see them anywhere in a pile, but anyways.

Today is the start of half-term! Kids at home! Ack! *laughs* Naw, today has been fine. We’d originally pencilled in a trip to B&M and Starbucks, but we’ll do that later in the week now. Neither myself nor Z really felt human enough to go for it (though I did make sure to dress in ‘proper’ clothing if we did go). We’ve got quite a bit going on in the week, for us at least. So we’ll see how it all goes. 🙂


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