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With the extension going in next door, the bit of lean over fence we had between will be gone. So we figured… get rid of the hedge, then we have a new bit of lean over. S next door was more than amenable; she asked if she could take the secateurs to it. Sure kiddo, have at. I look forward to taking many pictures, because I’m sure the experience is going to be resoundingly amusing. Then whether we put in a panel, a gate, or just leave a space, we’ll see! I have made it clear that I am quite happy for them to drift into our garden to play with our toys.

Past that… c’est la weekend, woo! I’ve already started on another seed bead bracelet, because I am so hooked on it. I do intend to learn how to do the other styles, like peyote, but not quite yet. Want to make sure that I have the basics down pat before I add a layer of complication.


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