*shakes fist at sky*

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Z needed to go outside and trim back our blackberry bramble, and asked if I’d come out and keep him company. Well, sure, I guess. And then I remembered that natural light exists out there, and *hisses softly*. But that’s fine, ha ha. It’s some good Vitamin D or sommat.

Mainly feeling okay today. Bit of dizzy, light enough of a headache that I’ve not taken anything for it. Blood readings have been good, and I learned a bit of how to do it better from a Discord chum. It’s all going the right direction, and I can probably stop stabbing more than once, maybe twice a day, after a few more days have gone past. Just want to make sure I vaguely understand the numbers, and if/how they correspond to how I’m feeling. Science, innit.

Right, off to… something something.


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