No Comments on Progressing

Sock #1 is coming along alright. I dropped the end of row stitch marker at some point and had to estimate how many I’d done before I realised what had happened. But it’s fine, it’s fine. I can just go by measurement if the rows don’t quite go together. The main places I specifically need the number mapping are the toe, gusset, and heel turn. We’re not there, not yet.

Past that, not a lot. No spoons, so no photographs quite yet… maybe tomorrow. Just been keeping my head down, trying to keep the occasional jag of dizziness away. Z restocked the OTC stuff he could get his hands on, so I’ve got tools to keep me going. Still, I can always hope that an appointment opens up sooner than next June. ¬¬

Anyways. Back to yarn noodling and gaming.


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