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So. I got the latest batch of flags photographed and listed. And I figured… I should probably circle back to my tiny flags and see about getting more of those finished off. I *think* these are all I had done, but there’s also every chance there’s something hiding on my desk. *remembers to check cheat sheet* Yup, just these. I’d done an Enby one as well, but I ended up giving it to Smalls. Because yanno, nearly mandatory at this point! I’ve started a little purple heart one by Smaller’s request, but I think she’s already forgotten about it. Still, I’ll at least finish the stitching and put it aside until she remembers, hee hee.

Past that, just been a chill day. The ambient temp is spot on. The kittens are adorable and napping all over the house. They spent most of the day on our bed upstairs, which is where I also found Smalls when I went upstairs to check on the babies. They’re downstairs in a sunbeam now.

As for me… feeling the crochet itch a bit, so gonna work on my blanket some more while I think about what I want to do next.


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