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Okaysolike. I took a photo so I could show y’all how awesome the hedges look after the gardener came for round two. I spotted my neighbour in the background and was like, ‘Oh hey, I’ll respect his privacy and pixelate him’. Which somehow just like. Smalls is rolling their eyes because I keep randomly wheeze-giggling about it, because I am a child.

But hey! An actual garden! He’s coming back next week to do some stuff around the front, and again towards the autumn for a tidy. We’re gonna *try* to stay on top of things like spraying weeds, and putting down grass seed, but we’ll see. It’s a nice step in the decluttering progress, yanno? Which at least that’s some things week, as we’ve had to put off our actual decluttering session until next month. Which is fine. Z is still recovering from Covid. The declutterer is too. And honestly, I want a little more time to figure out what we’re tackling next; I’m a bit [[no information loading]] about it right now.


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