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And lo, my time has come — I am now the plague rat. The test on the left has like, the most insultlingly faint line, and was the one I took this morning. Z recommended I wait a few hours and test again, and. *gestures* This was the first time I was exposed, and woomph. I’m not mad at anyone about it, and I’m doing more or less okay at this moment. My main concern with Covid is the rest of long Covid on top of my existing chronic fatigue. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. My level of function has been decreasing for some time, so I don’t need it taking another knock. For now, just doing my best to remain positive, vaguely hydrated, and busy. 🙂

But yeah, so far the kids and the spouse are okay. We called Mum earlier to let her know, and to cancel our normal Friday. I told her she could decide later on whether or not she’s coming around Sunday for dinner, but that it was up to her to decide what her level of comfort was. She took it all well, so we’ll see.

Right, back to keeping myself busy and cheerfully distracted.


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