Au Naturel

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You know what? After a certain point in the morning, it was rather nice outside. We were out around the garden for a bit, as we were having one of our contractors take stock of what we needed to get the brambles tamed (amongst other bits). And then I was around Mum’s for my usual Friday visit, and couldn’t resist running out back and taking a picture of just like, pure idyll. I don’t like bright, and I don’t like being too warm, but there’s that little window at the start of spring where *chef’s kiss*. Wonderful.

Past that… survived the week. Woo, etc. I know that a week ending doesn’t put a cap on things that made me sad in the week, but it does help it feel slightly less pushed down the path. I mean, maybe a millimetre or two, but that’s still something. And really, having my Friday afternoon ‘session’ with Mum is great for both of us. We talk about all sorts of things, and there is pretty much nothing off the table.

Anyhoos. Onward.


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