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I’d gone down the far end of the couch to annoy Poison with pets, so Z took some photos. There’s even a little video clip; we didn’t take any of Batman that I can recall, so we’re not going to make that mistake again. We, admittedly, attempt to film Poison with some frequency, because we very much want to get one thing on record — her waking herself up with her sleep-talking. It is hands-down THE cutest thing, especially when capped off with her bemusement of suddenly being awake.

We also had a secondary cat encounter today! Next door’s two cats like to hang out in our back garden, and we clocked Tyson earlier. I opened the window to look at him, and he ran over and started that ‘gonna jump!’ crouch. I laughed, and reminded him that he doesn’t live here. But I reached a hand out, and he bapped it a few times, claw free. So cute. Honestly, I expect he’ll find a way in sometime — hope Poison doesn’t mind visitors, ha ha.

Past that, it’s Pancake Day. Z makes a mean crepe, and he’s just about to get round two kicked off. 😀


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