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My big order of thread came in, and it took pretty much all day to sort it out (and by ‘day’, I mean the 4-5 hours I’d be working on a normal day). But it’s done! And then I scanned the knitting patterns that had been haunting the orange binder, freeing it up so that I could better distribute the threads across binders. So that’s done. I’ve got a large stack of stuff to go in the bin/recycling. And now, I can finally at night o’clock pick up my stitching again, ha ha. But that’s fine. I’m just pleased I managed to marshal focus that long. I’d commented to R that it reminded me that hey, I wonder how much better this could be, all days could be, if my ADHD was diagnosed and treated. Thankfully, I’m currently too knackered to speculate or mope, so yay? I think? *chuckles*

That’s it, really.


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