Heavy Metal

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There is precisely one reason I own an iron, and it’s to apply as needed to craft projects. Since I’m planning on selling the cross-stitch flags, that means doing the washing/blocking/ironing/whatever before framing them up. I’ve got them pressed and on the side for the moment. Whether they get a second pass, we’ll see. They don’t really need it probably.

Had a nice visit with Mum; she wasn’t sure she’d see me today, since we’ll be hanging out the next couple of days family-style. Pfft, I’m not gonna miss my Friday, all mine. šŸ˜€ I took my laptop to refer to while I was working on the flag I was doing, so I kept it tilted towards her so she could see the flag/pattern, and took my work over a few times so she could compare. I’ve already got a dib on it, and I’m going to give a little discount ’cause I borked up something and had to bodge a repair… hopefully the one I started before coming home will come out better.

What else… oh. Annoyed at Mum’s neighbour, who was wearing a blatant Nazi dog whistle of a t-shirt. Like. You’re a Brit. You’re a veteran. Why are you wearing an American white supremacist/Trump supporter thing. I asked Mum if she knew that he was a Trump supporter, but she’s good at keeping her head down and tuning out ‘opinions’. So she probably knew something, but anyways. Bleeeeh.

Right. Gonna go, something something.


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