Dat Sass

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Yaaaas, I am so cute. Freshly washed hair always boosts my mood in this regard. 😀

Not a lot going on today. I updated the name of the Facebook page for my Etsy shop; it was originally tied to the blog at digitalglitch.org, but like… might as well continue my repurposing. That the page name is still Digitalraeyn works well with the fact I’m using that domain as a redirect to the shop itself.

What else… bit of work, bit of knit, bit of tending to a raging headache. I’ve thrown the kitchen sink at it (figuratively, obviously), but it’s still there. Ocular? Temples? Sinuses? Shite if I know.

For now, just waiting to see what the British take on a meatloaf is. Z spotted a ‘meatloaf marinara’ in the roast joint section, and that’s what’s in the oven right now. I’m curious and terrified, ha ha. There’s *cheese* on it, which probably says all one needs to know about what Brits think of Yanks! xD


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