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We had a charity bag come in last week, and I decided that we would absolutely get a bag of something out. Charity bag, for those not in the UK, is when they put a bag through your door with a collection date, usually for clothing donations. They then pick it up on the aforementioned collection date, and bop, that’s stuff out of your hair and not straight to landfill. I asked the kids if they would kindly go through their stuff and put anything they didn’t want on my bed. I then asked Smaller to see if there was anything of Smalls’ that they wanted. Z was pleased, ’cause Smaller went for the most expensive thing — the authentic official Tottenham jersey that Smalls had outgrown. I was planning on topping it up with some of my old things that are doing nothing in the wardrobe, but like… this is enough for the moment. Little bits at a time, you know?

We also, more or less, finished our Christmas shopping this afternoon. Z and I still need to get a bit of candy-and-tat for each other, but for the most part we’re like… here, have your budget and go spend it on things you like. Of course, that means I’ve got to think of some tat, ha ha. We have historically gone for mugs, but like… we just got rid of a bunch of mugs, so maybe we shouldn’t this year. Gonna have to put some thought into it. (which means I found something awesome immediately, ’cause Sod’s Law, innit).

*drums fingers* Right, gonna go digest, and mull on Things™® in general.


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