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And lo, I’ve had the joy of the combination of working through some cupboards, AND getting to hang out with a friend. I don’t really have anywhere to put the stuff that we’ve pulled out at this exact second, because we’ve already filled ours and Mum’s bins, but at least it’s out and ready to process. So that’s something. It means I can start trying to think about what I want to use the space for, now that there is quite a bit more! 😀

But also, hanging with a friiiieeeeend for the first time in ages. Well. A’s bestie’s parents are awesome and I love spending time with them. I do consider them friends! But this was the first me-friend since the world fell apart in March 2020, so a smidge buzzy with the joy of that. Like, my social needs are pretty low in the scheme of things, but even mega-introverts need some friend time.

For now, gonna digest my dinner and zone out.


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