Bonny Harvest

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Mum has a couple of apple trees in the back garden, which I’m sure I’ve mentioned here. I’ve been making a point to keep an eye on her Ballerina, and took one home with me last week. It was awesome! Really smol, but tasty and not too dense. So I ran up her garden this afternoon and grabbed a handful. I even ate one while talking to her to show her that they were easy eaters. I think she plans on wandering up the garden herself and getting a few. If there are any there next week, I’ll definitely go nabbing again.

But mainly, we made it through the week! It’s been a long one, though not a bad one. As I’d commented to Mum, I’ve managed to paint my nails three times this week, which indicates being in a fairly good state of mind. We’ll see how next week goes; the kids are off school for half-term. Smalls will probably be out with friends to some degree. Smaller has a few playdates scheduled, but she’s very bad at accepting that her being homes doesn’t mean we can stop working and play games with her. But bless her, she is a determined critter and I adore it.

Right! Gonna go digest a lovely dinner (we ordered a takeaway and I had a really nice chicken fillet burger), take my meds, and kill some monsters.


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