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Poison deigned to come near me in the daylight hours. No, not to yell for ‘her’ chair, but because the only bit of sunbeam in the room was near me. She didn’t stay long, but was there long enough for me to annoy her with my photography skillz. *grins*

It has been a *super* rough day. I woke up really foggy, and thought it was shifting, then it got worse again. I’ve applied ungodly quantities of caffeine, and plan on chucking some sleepy-making shizz in my facehole to try and get down a bit sooner tonight. Last night I was finishing the most recent book in the October Daye series (so good!), and just couldn’t get to sleep easily either. I even had to come down stairs to verify that I had indeed taken my meds (which I just did, so). I’m guessing that there’s a good chance I’m going to have a weekly battle with this fatigue-fog bullshit until my body finds some sort of peace with the change in sleeping hours… we’ll see.

At least everyone’s sleep is getting a smidge better. We bought Smaller, our restless sleeper, a weighted blanket and she has been having amazing nights of staying in her own bed and being full of even more beans. Not-so-Smalls tried one of our heavier ones and liked it, but Z made a point to buy them one that weighs a little bit less, since they’re smaller than we are. We’ll see how it goes.

For now, time to herd the smaller one to bed.


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