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Smaller has spent the day constructing a Lego set they got last Christmas, making her the most ‘productive’ of our lot. She’s doing quite well with it. I know Z has helped a bit, and I helped with -a- bit, but for the most part she’s just wanted to sit there by herself and process through it.

The promised rain has finally come, bringing a bit of relief from the encroaching humidity. It’s not a thunderstorm… maybe it will be later? For now, it’s just the usual balm to my soul. It’s admittedly a part of why I pinched this handle from my then-boyfriend; I thought it better suited a female character, *and* yanno… rain. It’s always been my thing. 🙂

*claps hands* Right, time to herd smalling bedwise, maybe see if I can talk myself into a few more stitches on my sock. I’ve slammed face first into playing Craft the World again, and it’s very distracting in the right ways.


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